Thursday, 30 July 2009

Poor choice of graphic

Elizabeth Walton AKA the Red Squirrel illustrates a piece on Islamic extremism with a well-known Combat 18 image. D'oh!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

7/7, the Jews, and the Satanic Royal Family

The entire neo-Nazi movement is founded on pernicious and dangerous conspiracy theories, from the original Jewish World Conspiracy madness that justified the Holocaust to the post-war denial of that genocide in an attempt to further demonise Jews and rehabilitate National Socialism.

In the post-war period many neo-Nazis have come to embrace all manner of bizarre and esoteric interpretations of the world, as they struggle to exist in an era that has rejected everything they hold dear. It comes as no surprise, then, to find the enthusiastic promotion of conspiracy theories about terrorism amongst the certifiable lunatics of the Nazi underworld. The British Nazi blogger 'Rufus' of 'News From Atlantis' typifies this phenomenon.

'Rufus' is a nutcase who supports the neo-Nazi British People's Party (BPP) and is a personal friend of Eddy Morrison, the Hitlerite founder of the BPP who has recently returned to National Front activism. Looking through the News From Atlantis archives, you can find an A-Z of conspiracy rubbish, centring on antisemitic notions and embracing 9/11 and 7/7 'truth', Holocaust denial, the Illuminati, the New World Order, fluoride in drinking water as a 'poison', and even 'reptilians'.

In this post, I'll take a look at two recent outpourings of drivel from News from Atlantis, one about 7/7 and the other about the Church of England.

According to Rufus, the London memorial to the victims of 7/7 is actually evidence that a Zionist-Masonic-Illuminati 'criminal elite' carried out the 7/7 attacks and are openly 'gloating' about it. In his view, the design of the 7/7 memorial deliberately mirrors that of the Berlin 'Holyhoax' (Holocaust) memorial for nefarious reasons:
Both Memorials are set out in the manner of graveyards, with the intention being for the viewer to walk amongst the sculptures. Appropriately, the Hyde Park Memorial to the victims of the establishment is comprised of 52 obelisks, each representing one of the people slain by the agents of the Zionist-controlled Government. The obelisk is a symbol of Illuminised Freemasonry and hides in plain site who the architects of this atrocity really are.

The official story of a small gang of Muslim terrorists evading detection by MI5 and simultaneously detonating four bombs across London is adequately torn apart for the farce that it is, in the video ‘7/7 The Ripple Effect’.
In reality, 'The Ripple Effect', as demonstrated by a recent edition of the BBC's excellent 'Conspiracy Files' programme is a collection of paranoid nonsense created by a delusional lunatic called John Hill (view an excerpt here) who believes he is the Second Coming of Christ and is a devotee of British Israelism.

Rufus goes on to explain that 'The timing of the unveiling of the memorial is to suit the elite. They wish to allow those who presided over the murders to gloat'. This elite, apparently, is largely comprised of 'people who are Ashkenazi in blood, and Sabatean (Satanist) by religion', and the British royal family also plays a part; Prince Charles, for example, is 'the man who had the mother of his son and half-son murdered in cold blood in another ritual murder to the God of the Monarchy – Jahbulon/Satan'.

Rufus finishes his 7/7 post with an ominous observation about the 9/11 attacks:
Incidentally, the 11th September bombing of the World Trade Centre, written in Roman numbers reads XI/IX (or IX/XI for those who write in the American date sequence). Look into numerology. It may not seem important to the uninitiated, but it seriously matters to them…
Moving on to Rufus's recent post on the Church of England, we find 'Anglicans wallowing in decadence'. The Church of England, you see, actually follows 'the Cult of Edom' and is 'a heresy against the True Church', for 'Christianity exists in one form only - that is in the form of the Church of Rome':
The most damning impact of Anglicanism is that it has legitimised all manner of heresy, and has undermined the Church of Rome. By putting itself forward as a rival to Rome, Anglicanism has acted as the great deceiver, drawing into its influence millions of otherwise decent people who are unwittingly committing blasphemy in their practice of sugar-coated Satanism. This rot has spread into the Church of Rome herself, with the anti-Christian Vatican II, the architect of which is the anti-Pope, Benedict XVI. Without the evil of Anglicanism, the infiltration of Christianity by its eternal enemies would have been more easy to fight against.
The head of the Church of England is of course the British Monarch, and for Rufus the entire British royal family is 'Satanic'. Indeed, Prince Charles 'is known to have raped his male butler, continuing the practice of sodomy much enjoyed by the Royals', and 'Prince Andrew is a notorious homosexual who has hidden his perversion behind a string of high profile romps with women'. The Great Fire of London, we go on to discover, 'was carried out by agents of the Anglican Monarchy in order to generate profits for the Jewish-Satanist elite', the same Jewish-Satanist elite that in the mind of this deranged Nazi carried out the 7/7 attacks.

Rufus is arguably mentally ill, but it says a lot about the British far-right movement that even a figure as delusional as he is can find a home within it.

Spot the missing 'w'

The Green Arrow on the BNP Revolution (and his coffee mug)

In a typically rambling and bizarre post, Paul Morris AKA The Green Arrow opens what turns out to some sort of stream of consciousness masturbatory exercise with trivia about his personalised coffee mug (a photo of said mug is helpfully captioned 'This is where I keep my coffee') and fantasies about a glorious future in a BNP Britain. According to Morris, his mug is 'a priceless work of art', which is a claim you can evaluate for yourselves.

Having thrilled them with news of his mug, Morris then moves on to offering his readers some kind of new age self-help waffle about how they are all 'uniquely unique' and how BNP members are 'special' (which is very true). The next section is slightly tetchy, with the Arrow banging on about how the BNP should respect its members. This theme carries on for a while (maybe Griffo is ignoring Morris's love letters?). Morris, demonstrating that his grasp of reality is as poor as his taste in politics, then goes on to inform us that 'Hundreds of these activists will one day be Members of Parliament, some will be Cabinet Ministers and one will be Prime Minister. Thousands of other BNP activists will go on to become Assembly Members and Councillors at all levels'.

In the lunatic world of the Green Arrow, it turns out, 'every single activist of the British National Party is prepared to risk their very lives to win back Our Country for Our Children's future' and the BNP is 'a Relolutionary [sic] Movement'. The unintended 'LOL' dropped in by Morris is one of the few accurate aspects of the post. Moonbat Morris finishes with a swipe at the BNP for apparently treating its activists like idiots (why on earth would they do that?) and rouses the troops with stirring World War I imagery:
The Party must not stifle debate when it makes a mistake, it must not issue diktats and expect the activists to follow blindly without knowing why. They must tell them why they are fighting a particular battle. Then let the battle commence.

And those who disagree with the method of attack - like marching needlessly towards machine guns - will at least know why their Generals thought they should. But advance they must. But then, after the attack has failed, they must be allowed to discuss freely, where the attack went wrong in a polite and civilised manner so we may learn from our mistakes. It is the British Way.
Whatever you say Private Morris...

David Myatt's followers keep the black flame burning

Despite Myatt's apparent conversion to Jihadist Islam (and a change of name to Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt), his 'Satanic' writings are still being promoted by his old comrades from the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) and Reichsfolk, and given how obscure this stuff is, the number of hits these sites are receiving is quite surprising. I'm not sure who's behind the ONA blogs, but they're still being updated on a semi-regular basis by a devotee or devotees. A whois search for the ONA website reveals that (former?) Myatt associate Richard Stirling is behind some of this internet activity, if not all of it.

Looking at the website of the Kreis faction of Aryan Nations, we find that Stirling has managed to get them on board with promoting the Reichsfolk garbage and that he has an Aryan Nations email address. Given Aryan Nations is still nominally a Christian Identity group (even the wacko Kreis faction), Nazi Satanists would seem to make for strange bedfellows. But in the neo-Nazi underworld, every kind of weirdo, pervert, and creep can find a home, so perhaps it's not so surprising after all...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The odinsgal88 Chronicles

Everyone's favourite guinea pig loving Nazi, Bev Kerry, is well known to us as 'odinsgal88', a name she has used on various sites including VNN forum (moderator), B&H forum (moderator), CUNT forum (moderator) and Blogger. Strangely, over the past few months our she-wolf of the SS has been undergoing a transformation and now it seems that her odinsgal88 moniker is no more. What in Odin's name is going on?

It all began back in May of this year, with 'odinsgal88' becoming 'Bev' on the VNN forum. With her name change, all previous posts under the name 'odinsgal88' now show up as having been posted by 'Bev'. However, any quotes from her posts remain with her name at the time. See the screen shots at the end of this post for some typical examples from VNN, where 'odinsgal88' was talking about her moderator/admin role at the forums. As she says, she spends most of her time there, or used to until recently... (more on that later).

In the last few weeks, the odinsgal88 transformation has continued. Bev is well known as odinsgal88 over at CUNT. She's got a long history with the CUNTs. Back in 2006, for example, the CUNT blog announced that 'an old friend of ours, the wonderful ODINSGAL88' had been given control of a Combat 18 / Blood & Honour chatroom. They also happily posted an odinsgal88 announcement regarding a petition she started at threatening a boycott of Asda/Walmart over their sale of Halal products. The relationship runs deeper than this, for Bev is also a moderator at the CUNT forum and the CUNT blog links to her pisspoor 'I did it for the lulz' blog (as does her VNN profile).

Looking at the CUNT forum recently, it seems that Bev has chosen to drop the '88' from her 'odinsgal' name. And she's gone further than that. Recently she moved her lulz blog from its original odinsgirl88 address. Even before she did that, she stopped posting as odinsgal88 and became 'odinsdaughter'. Now her blog is at a new odinsdaughterlulz address and the link to the B&H forum she is/was a mod and admin of has been removed. But why, Bev? Don't you believe in heiling Hitler any more?

Perhaps strangest of all, a look at the B&H forum reveals that 'odinsgal88' is missing in action. Or is she? Perhaps she's simply got a new account? If she's trying to hide something she's failed, though, as traces of her presence can still be seen in the form of quotes from her posts.

What is Bev up to? Why is she attempting to erase all records of her activities as odinsgal88? And what the hell is the point when we all know that Bev is odinsgal88 and there's still plenty of evidence out there to prove it?

The plot thickens...

Griffin's 'it's not about race' claims are lies

Read the slogan...

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