Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The odinsgal88 Chronicles

Everyone's favourite guinea pig loving Nazi, Bev Kerry, is well known to us as 'odinsgal88', a name she has used on various sites including VNN forum (moderator), B&H forum (moderator), CUNT forum (moderator) and Blogger. Strangely, over the past few months our she-wolf of the SS has been undergoing a transformation and now it seems that her odinsgal88 moniker is no more. What in Odin's name is going on?

It all began back in May of this year, with 'odinsgal88' becoming 'Bev' on the VNN forum. With her name change, all previous posts under the name 'odinsgal88' now show up as having been posted by 'Bev'. However, any quotes from her posts remain with her name at the time. See the screen shots at the end of this post for some typical examples from VNN, where 'odinsgal88' was talking about her moderator/admin role at the bloodandhonour.com forums. As she says, she spends most of her time there, or used to until recently... (more on that later).

In the last few weeks, the odinsgal88 transformation has continued. Bev is well known as odinsgal88 over at CUNT. She's got a long history with the CUNTs. Back in 2006, for example, the CUNT blog announced that 'an old friend of ours, the wonderful ODINSGAL88' had been given control of a Combat 18 / Blood & Honour chatroom. They also happily posted an odinsgal88 announcement regarding a petition she started at petitiononline.com threatening a boycott of Asda/Walmart over their sale of Halal products. The relationship runs deeper than this, for Bev is also a moderator at the CUNT forum and the CUNT blog links to her pisspoor 'I did it for the lulz' blog (as does her VNN profile).

Looking at the CUNT forum recently, it seems that Bev has chosen to drop the '88' from her 'odinsgal' name. And she's gone further than that. Recently she moved her lulz blog from its original odinsgirl88 address. Even before she did that, she stopped posting as odinsgal88 and became 'odinsdaughter'. Now her blog is at a new odinsdaughterlulz address and the link to the B&H forum she is/was a mod and admin of has been removed. But why, Bev? Don't you believe in heiling Hitler any more?

Perhaps strangest of all, a look at the B&H forum reveals that 'odinsgal88' is missing in action. Or is she? Perhaps she's simply got a new account? If she's trying to hide something she's failed, though, as traces of her presence can still be seen in the form of quotes from her posts.

What is Bev up to? Why is she attempting to erase all records of her activities as odinsgal88? And what the hell is the point when we all know that Bev is odinsgal88 and there's still plenty of evidence out there to prove it?

The plot thickens...

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