Wednesday, 29 July 2009

7/7, the Jews, and the Satanic Royal Family

The entire neo-Nazi movement is founded on pernicious and dangerous conspiracy theories, from the original Jewish World Conspiracy madness that justified the Holocaust to the post-war denial of that genocide in an attempt to further demonise Jews and rehabilitate National Socialism.

In the post-war period many neo-Nazis have come to embrace all manner of bizarre and esoteric interpretations of the world, as they struggle to exist in an era that has rejected everything they hold dear. It comes as no surprise, then, to find the enthusiastic promotion of conspiracy theories about terrorism amongst the certifiable lunatics of the Nazi underworld. The British Nazi blogger 'Rufus' of 'News From Atlantis' typifies this phenomenon.

'Rufus' is a nutcase who supports the neo-Nazi British People's Party (BPP) and is a personal friend of Eddy Morrison, the Hitlerite founder of the BPP who has recently returned to National Front activism. Looking through the News From Atlantis archives, you can find an A-Z of conspiracy rubbish, centring on antisemitic notions and embracing 9/11 and 7/7 'truth', Holocaust denial, the Illuminati, the New World Order, fluoride in drinking water as a 'poison', and even 'reptilians'.

In this post, I'll take a look at two recent outpourings of drivel from News from Atlantis, one about 7/7 and the other about the Church of England.

According to Rufus, the London memorial to the victims of 7/7 is actually evidence that a Zionist-Masonic-Illuminati 'criminal elite' carried out the 7/7 attacks and are openly 'gloating' about it. In his view, the design of the 7/7 memorial deliberately mirrors that of the Berlin 'Holyhoax' (Holocaust) memorial for nefarious reasons:
Both Memorials are set out in the manner of graveyards, with the intention being for the viewer to walk amongst the sculptures. Appropriately, the Hyde Park Memorial to the victims of the establishment is comprised of 52 obelisks, each representing one of the people slain by the agents of the Zionist-controlled Government. The obelisk is a symbol of Illuminised Freemasonry and hides in plain site who the architects of this atrocity really are.

The official story of a small gang of Muslim terrorists evading detection by MI5 and simultaneously detonating four bombs across London is adequately torn apart for the farce that it is, in the video ‘7/7 The Ripple Effect’.
In reality, 'The Ripple Effect', as demonstrated by a recent edition of the BBC's excellent 'Conspiracy Files' programme is a collection of paranoid nonsense created by a delusional lunatic called John Hill (view an excerpt here) who believes he is the Second Coming of Christ and is a devotee of British Israelism.

Rufus goes on to explain that 'The timing of the unveiling of the memorial is to suit the elite. They wish to allow those who presided over the murders to gloat'. This elite, apparently, is largely comprised of 'people who are Ashkenazi in blood, and Sabatean (Satanist) by religion', and the British royal family also plays a part; Prince Charles, for example, is 'the man who had the mother of his son and half-son murdered in cold blood in another ritual murder to the God of the Monarchy – Jahbulon/Satan'.

Rufus finishes his 7/7 post with an ominous observation about the 9/11 attacks:
Incidentally, the 11th September bombing of the World Trade Centre, written in Roman numbers reads XI/IX (or IX/XI for those who write in the American date sequence). Look into numerology. It may not seem important to the uninitiated, but it seriously matters to them…
Moving on to Rufus's recent post on the Church of England, we find 'Anglicans wallowing in decadence'. The Church of England, you see, actually follows 'the Cult of Edom' and is 'a heresy against the True Church', for 'Christianity exists in one form only - that is in the form of the Church of Rome':
The most damning impact of Anglicanism is that it has legitimised all manner of heresy, and has undermined the Church of Rome. By putting itself forward as a rival to Rome, Anglicanism has acted as the great deceiver, drawing into its influence millions of otherwise decent people who are unwittingly committing blasphemy in their practice of sugar-coated Satanism. This rot has spread into the Church of Rome herself, with the anti-Christian Vatican II, the architect of which is the anti-Pope, Benedict XVI. Without the evil of Anglicanism, the infiltration of Christianity by its eternal enemies would have been more easy to fight against.
The head of the Church of England is of course the British Monarch, and for Rufus the entire British royal family is 'Satanic'. Indeed, Prince Charles 'is known to have raped his male butler, continuing the practice of sodomy much enjoyed by the Royals', and 'Prince Andrew is a notorious homosexual who has hidden his perversion behind a string of high profile romps with women'. The Great Fire of London, we go on to discover, 'was carried out by agents of the Anglican Monarchy in order to generate profits for the Jewish-Satanist elite', the same Jewish-Satanist elite that in the mind of this deranged Nazi carried out the 7/7 attacks.

Rufus is arguably mentally ill, but it says a lot about the British far-right movement that even a figure as delusional as he is can find a home within it.

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