Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Green Arrow on the BNP Revolution (and his coffee mug)

In a typically rambling and bizarre post, Paul Morris AKA The Green Arrow opens what turns out to some sort of stream of consciousness masturbatory exercise with trivia about his personalised coffee mug (a photo of said mug is helpfully captioned 'This is where I keep my coffee') and fantasies about a glorious future in a BNP Britain. According to Morris, his mug is 'a priceless work of art', which is a claim you can evaluate for yourselves.

Having thrilled them with news of his mug, Morris then moves on to offering his readers some kind of new age self-help waffle about how they are all 'uniquely unique' and how BNP members are 'special' (which is very true). The next section is slightly tetchy, with the Arrow banging on about how the BNP should respect its members. This theme carries on for a while (maybe Griffo is ignoring Morris's love letters?). Morris, demonstrating that his grasp of reality is as poor as his taste in politics, then goes on to inform us that 'Hundreds of these activists will one day be Members of Parliament, some will be Cabinet Ministers and one will be Prime Minister. Thousands of other BNP activists will go on to become Assembly Members and Councillors at all levels'.

In the lunatic world of the Green Arrow, it turns out, 'every single activist of the British National Party is prepared to risk their very lives to win back Our Country for Our Children's future' and the BNP is 'a Relolutionary [sic] Movement'. The unintended 'LOL' dropped in by Morris is one of the few accurate aspects of the post. Moonbat Morris finishes with a swipe at the BNP for apparently treating its activists like idiots (why on earth would they do that?) and rouses the troops with stirring World War I imagery:
The Party must not stifle debate when it makes a mistake, it must not issue diktats and expect the activists to follow blindly without knowing why. They must tell them why they are fighting a particular battle. Then let the battle commence.

And those who disagree with the method of attack - like marching needlessly towards machine guns - will at least know why their Generals thought they should. But advance they must. But then, after the attack has failed, they must be allowed to discuss freely, where the attack went wrong in a polite and civilised manner so we may learn from our mistakes. It is the British Way.
Whatever you say Private Morris...

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